Most Popular Low-Cost Cars in the UK

If you are looking for your first car or upgrading to a smaller car with affordable and cheap running costs, it’s important to research the latest models available before visiting your dealership.

Hiring or leasing any of these cars can also provide fuel efficiency and reliability. This is a guide to the most cost-efficient cars to buy new in the UK and what makes them especially cheap to run.

These are the top vehicles with low maintenance costs which can be bought in the UK. Some of the cars on this list are electric as electric cars are becoming more affordable to run and maintenance is cheap.

Dacia Sandero 1.0 SCe Access

The Dacia Sendero has been the cheapest car to maintain and drive in the UK for 3 years running and is improving every year. Although it’s an extremely basic car, it provides a driver on a budget with the best option in having a car that will cost almost nothing to drive and maintain.

When calculated on driving 60 000 Miles in 3 years, the cost of running the car will be roughly £12,979.24 with a monthly running cost of about £360.53 and only 21.6p per mile of driving. The car can be bought brand new for only £7,995 at its most standard option. With a 64hp 1.0litre 3-cylinder SCe engine, you can’t go wrong with reliability.

VW e-up!

Although the purchase price of a VW up is not seen as the most affordable choice in the retail price, it’s one of the most low-cost cars to run and maintain in the UK. The starting cost of the VW e-up stands at £21,500 and stands as a reliable option for city driving.

This little VW’s battery can run for over 159 miles before needing to be recharged and has been through a WLTPP combined driving efficiency test. To reach a full charge will take only 4 hours from a typical charger installation.

The total calculated cost of driving the VW for 60 000 miles comes down to roughly £14,656.18 with a monthly running cost of £407.12 and only 24.4p per mile.

Mitsubishi Mirage Hatchback 1.2 Verve

The Mitsubishi Mirage Hatchback 1.2 Verve has been gaining a lot of popularity throughout the UK for its low-cost maintenance and running costs. The engine on the basic version is a 1.2 Litre three-cylinder engine with 79bhp.

The Mirage is one of the smallest cars with the most features and basic extras and provides a great comfortable ride to anybody looking to invest in a low cost and maintenance car. With the Mirage, drivers can expect a total cost of £14,901.77 over 60 000 miles of driving with a monthly cost of £413.94 and 24.8p per mile driven.

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