Popular Car Races to Bet on in the UK

Throughout the world, there are large car racing events to bet on from the UK. No matter what your favourite racing events or types of cars are, there are a large variety of races to bet on.

Many races are hosted in the USA, Italy, and other countries listed here on BetTarget Online Casino. BetTarget provides a large variety of other sports as well to bet on. These are some of the most popular car races from around the world to bet on.


This open-wheel racing league is hosted in North America but can be enjoyed by anybody in the UK. The IndyCar Series and the Indianapolis 500 is one of the most watched and popular races to bet on. The races mostly considered as the best Indy car racers include Scott Dixon, Josef Newgarden, and Will Power.


NASCAR is the most popular car racing event in the USA, and anybody in the UK can bet on these races. NASCAR races happen almost every weekend, providing a lot of betting chances for fans of the event. Some of the most popular drivers to bet on include Kyle Busch and Jimmie Johnson.

Formula 1

Formula 1 - Popular Car Races to Bet on in the UK

Formula 1 is the most widely known race in the world and draws the attention of car lovers with every race. The race is known for the specific cars used and can drive at much faster speeds than cars usually drive in races. These are the same open-wheel cars used in Indy racing. Some of the most popular drivers to bet on include Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel.

These events provide the perfect chance to not only enjoy the races on TV or by attendance but also provide great ways of betting on an exciting sport with a lot to offer with regard to betting methods and great wins.

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