Types of Bets for Auto Racing

Betting has become one of the most popular ways of gambling in the UK. Many online casinos have been providing ways to bet on motor races in a variety of different betting methods.

These are the most popular ways of betting on car races such as Motorsport and F1 in the UK and found on most online casinos, including BetTarget.

Win Bets

Win Bets - Types of Bets for Auto Racing

Win Bets are a simple and easy method of betting on car races. This type of bet allows you to bet on which driver will win the race. With many drivers being involved in a race and having the particular driver win is not that easy, but the winnings can be quite large.

Podium Bets

Podium Bets are made by betting on the top 3 drivers in a race, and you need to correctly bet which driver will place 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. This is an easier bet to win than with a Win Bet but will be paying out less if the bet is won.

Prop Bets

Prop Bets are popular in major car racing events. These bets are not only focused on which place the driver will take at the end of the race. Some of the bets involved in Prop Bets include the winner of the yearly championship, the number of caution flags in the race, and how long the race will last.

Matchup Bets

Matchup Bets are made by betting on which one of the two players of your choice will be ending the race in the best position. The best driver out of 2 drivers in a race is the winning bet. This is the easiest bet which involves large winnings.

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